Monday, April 11, 2011


I must say, I am loving this.

Today I started fasting again, like the Miana we all know, and I felt genuinely happy.
For. Real.
I haven't felt like that in way too long now.

Goes to show, once an Ana girl, always and Ana girl.
After all, more than 6 YEARS of the same "disorder" aren't exactly nothing!

The day is almost over and all I've had is one slice of cheese, and I'm hardcore working out tonight and tomorrow after school with mah buddies :P

<3 ya all!!!!!!!!


  1. Keep it upp (L) I usually don't have energy when I'm fasting but look at you, you're working out aha I just sleep

  2. Hey! i love your blog and i'm seriously needing a community that understands that perfection is worth sacrificing food. please follow my blog! i know, desperate, but i'm losing the battle.


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