Friday, October 1, 2010

:'( stomach...

I fail at fasting!

It was all going great until a couple hours ago, where somebody close to me decides he's gonna make the best tasting pizza ever...

I am so sorry I let all of my Hungry For Change companions down...

But, I did purge right after I gave in. And I mean REALLY PURGED.

A lot.

I think I purged everything out...I am taking laxatives tonight just in case!

I am going to continue to fast...and I learned my lesson! It is going to be a HARDCORE fast from now on.

Forgive me? Please?

I know I can do it...

So, here at the plans for next week:

- tomorrow (Oct. 2): water fasting!! Nothing but water!! Punishment...gotta love it.

- Sunday (Oct. 3): water and perhaps a tiny bit of vegetable soup (homemade...super-low sodium), just so I don't raise suspicions.

- Monday (Oct. 4): starting a 5-day LEMON CLEANSE. For real this time!!! I consider it to be part of the fast, since it'll only be liquids :) User Lucidity might do it with me as well :)

Anyone else wanna?

Love you all!!!!!



  1. I had such a hard day food wise too. I gave into a lot of temptations. I guess, just wait it out and tomorrows a new day, you know?

    You're going to do great with your plans! Good luck sweet girl!

  2. Aw, love, don't beat yourself up about it <3 Everybody slips up, it's alright. And you had really short notice of the fast so you may not have had time to "mentally prepare", y'know?

    And wait... is that you in the pictures? Because if it is, damn you look awesome! Collarbones <3 Ribs <3 Flat tummies <3

    Good luck with your Fast v2 =] xxx

  3. that sucks, i hope you can do better tomorrow, in fact i know you can! stay strong your in my thoughts

    lots of love S xoxo

  4. Those ribs!!
    Keep on going, you'll get there!
    xx Kat

  5. Skinny Minny! Goodluck with your fast and dont worry about this little slip up!

  6. Thanks a lot for the comment! I really want to do the cleanse with you, but I know that this upcoming week I'll have to eat a little D: This monday I can't get out, and it really sucks because I'm on vacation for a week which makes it harder to keep preoccupied, but I'll try liquid fasting today and tomorrow. Also, the week after next, I'll step it up. Thank you so much, I really adore your blog! I know you can do it!
    Is it ok if I join you from tuesday onwards?

  7. Nice ribs(:

    and everyone has days where they give in- it bound to happen! the way I see it, the sun will shine tomorrow no matter what, so you can too! A new day, a new slate, you know? :)

  8. You have a great body! Lovely collarbones. And don't beat yourself up about the fast - it happened on Day 1 so it doesn't really matter, just start a day later like you've planned.

    Good luck xx

  9. BEAUUUUUTIFUL pics! all the boys would be drooooling ;) xxx


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