Friday, October 8, 2010

Ouch. Take the knife out my back.

Sorry for the weirded-out emo title, but that's just a weird mix definition of how I feel right now...
Fasting has been hell, and I only lost two pounds. I'm at 117 right now, which really sn't much of an improvement, since before I started the fast at 119 I hald just gained a pound and a I basically just lost what I gained and that's it.

On the Hungry For Change blog, it says I'm fasting for the whole month, but I figure I will go for another week and then start eating some things to restart my slow-ass metabolism!!
Plus, this is hell right now for me. I feel cleaned out. Physically. But now also emotionally and mentally. It's like, "dont't freaking expect anything more of me!!!!!"

Ahh. Sorry for the vent.
Next week will be hardcore. Much more restriction on what liquids I drink. Water = Best Friend For Freakin' Ever!!

Alas, I apologize for not posting for 5 days!!
I just didn't know what to say, really. But I missed you guys' comments so badly.

If you're only my same wave right now, please put the word "PROSPECT" in your comment.
It basically means hope, goal, light at the end of the tunnel, etc...
Not just on my comments, but everywhere! Spread the love!!

Thanks so much for being skinny and awesome.


  1. any loss is a good loss, keep that in mind! xox

  2. i am new to you blog :)
    i hope your week of restricting goes well!
    my blog is new and it would be really cool if you could check it out.

  3. well done on loss:) mwhhha xxxxxx


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