Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really Quick

Short post:

mk, so do you guys know when there's really great timing in your life? Like when you're a week and a half into a fast and you need to go get your blood checked?? wtf!
argh. i'm so mad.
wish me luck girls, this afternoon i am gonna go see a doc cause my mum's getting scared cause i keep having really bad chest pains (and cause i apparently did lose some weight...) :(
she doesnt suspect anything cause she always sees me around food, for the 2/3 hours max that we spend together.
so, last night and this morning i filled up on juice (vitamins), some milk, coffee (energy please...), and supplements. i even had a spoonful of soy yogurt (yuck??).
i also chewed on a teasoonful of flaxseed - negative calories - just so perhaps my results wont be too scary.
i feel fat. i am so full. even though it's all liquids :/

and ooooomg guess what: 30 followers?? yayes!
lol I LOVE you guys.

stay beautiful


  1. I gotta say, there seems to be a lot of worry about blood results, but it shouldn't actually be that affected?

  2. You should just start taking vitamins, when you don't eat properly the things that might be skewed in a blood test are your levels of iron and such (reasons why some of us bruise like crazy). Good luck :)

  3. ooh good luck sweetie, kinda scary, but great job on losing weight ^.^


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