Monday, October 18, 2010



Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Sorry I've been gone so long! I haven't posted in 5 days but I've been keeping up with most of you through comments except for the last 2 days...for valid reasons.

.......kay, after fasting, I only started eating a little bit more, gradually more, just cause I didn't want m heart sickness to get worse.
Then, I vowed not to weigh myself for a long while. But I did anyways. Wtf, I gained. I don't wanna say how much, but you are all going to be shocked at why I have......
There is no easy way to say this...

1- I've been around my BF a lot!
2- I've been intoxicated quite a few times lately.
3- I've made very stupid decisions.
4- I've been unexplainably hungry.
5- Only my midsection is getting...poofier.
6- My bra doesn't fit much but my pants still relatively do.
7- I'm......................late.
8- I've had crazy mood swings and cravings.
9- Weirded up health!
10- It's like I just "know"........

YEAH. If you're intuitive, you get what I'm saying.
Kill me, I'm just a young student.
What. To. Do.
Worst time of my life.
I feel like I kinda need Isla Lynn near me right now so I can cry on her shoulder!! But she's already been through so much crap>>>>>

Girls, I need you now more than ever.........


  1. Well 1. I'd like to suggest that you Stop Drinking Alcohol Right F*cking Now.

    *if* you decide to see this condition thru (and I won't judge you either way) then you don't want to risk any more alcohol-related damage.

    I'd also suggest a drugstore trip for a certain test but either way..
    Just in case...
    Stop Drinking alcohol Right F*cking Now!

  2. Exactly. If you are pregnant, do not so much as look as alcohol or cigarettes. Find out if you are pregnant. If not, get wasted in relief and remember to use condoms and consider alternative birth control means such as the pill or nuva-rings. If you are, consider if you want a termination. If you don't want a termination, will you keep the baby or adopt out. If you keep the baby, start saving. Now.

    Best of luck hun!! We're rooting for you!!!

  3. Hun, I have just been through the same torture - TAKE A TEST! no reason to stress out over nothing, and like the others said, if you ARE pregnant, regardless of what you want to do - the drinking is not good.

    Good luck (takeatest!) xxxxxx

  4. I was late once too and its agonizing to not know. It took me almost a week to work up the courage to go buy a test but the relief was worth it. GO GET ONE.

    Regardless of what happens, if you are, or if you are not pregnant, if you do, or if you do not decide to keep the baby, we will all be here for you girly.

    Now, the first step is to find out for sure! Go go go go!

  5. oh my *hug* I wish I could be there with you :(
    Wow, well I guess you have to decide if you're keeping it or not huh?
    Make sure you get enough vitamines if you are! Ana and Mia don't like babys :/

  6. I'm here, sweetie pie! I'm here, and I'm understanding completely! I'm going through the very same things right now, the only difference is I've taken a few tests and they both have said no. You need to take a test too, hun.

    If you are pregnant - you know that we're all going to be having this baby with you. You're not alone. You can do this. I'm here for you, Miana! I'm giving you a big, cyber bear hug. I love you!

  7. Yes, get a test! You need to know before you work yourself up about all this. And we will all be here for you no matter what the outcome! xoxo

  8. Don't panic, i think you'll be fine- it really is probably just a scare my love! xxxx

  9. Take the test. I did one this summer, it's not that bad. Of course, I guess that's easy for me to say as it was negative. But I had been late and my boobs were swollen. Cravings I wouldn't say, because I'm used to those... :P
    Good luck, I really hope everything will be fine!


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