Monday, November 8, 2010


Hi skinnies.....................
I missed blogging so freakinn much!! I missed you guys, I missed your support, I missed supporting you back.
For those of you who have been following me, you may remember what was "going on" with me.

Turns out I was right.
My fear was true.
Then...things happened....I was ill... and now that fear is "no more".
Not sure I can go in to's just too painful.

I hid from life, I got fat, then I got skinny, managed to get hospitalized without my family finding fat again, and got depressed. SO much crap going on...right now I'm "ignoring" my depression, and I managed not to go and cut myself again. I'm so proud. I'm glad I can finall
y get back on track.'s pretty much gonna be impossible for me to catch up on all the amazing blogs I'm following, anyone wanna tell me something super-important or summarize their life in the comments?? Really girls, I wanna know! Tell me everything! This is about you!

I'll be fine, girls. I learned a lot.


  1. hey there girly, glad you're back :) hope you start feeling better soon
    biggest thing that has happened to me is I got my phone with unlimited texting =D
    if you text leave me a comment w/#! I'd love to hear from you (if you want it deleted as soon as I get it just say so)

  2. Missed you! Brian and I are getting engaged and in approximately three months (he won't tell me the exact date because he wants to surprise me)! So, I've got some new goal weights for three months. Hah, I love you!


    Omg I've missed you so much <3

    I'm so sorry about what happened, love ]= I don't know if it'd help but there'd be no consciousness at that stage so... yeah.

    It's not good to ignore depression honey, you'll just end up more miserable! If you have the strength to try to confront it you probably should... <3

    As for me... well I came out as "kinda bulimic" to a few people (sorta) and... failed a driving test... and I think that's about it... =P

    Much love and hugs <3

  4. i'm glad you're back and nice job on resisting the urge to cut!
    you're awesome :)


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