Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm kinda...happy?

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So..what is this new crazy, jolly feeling I've been sensing?
Could it actually be...happiness??
Wow, I'm so ridiculous. For some reason, I feel super happy when I don't eat.
Today I was super pumped! I only had:
- water (0 cals)
- protein water mix (30 cals)
- green tea (0 cals)

This was only until 6 PM, when I actually was feeling legitimately HUNGRY AS HECK.
So add on to that:
- rice (95 cals)
- half a slice of pepperjack cheese (40 cals)
- pretzels (60 cals)

.........yeah, I know I f**ked it up.
But oh well. It's a start.

Plus, I exercised SO much more than usual today!
In the morning when I woke up, went for a half hour walk in heeled boots, 1 hour dance class (we must have done a bajillion sit ups :P), and i'm about to do my yoga routine again now :D

How are you feeling??


  1. im actually feeling a lit bit better after exercising, im glad something makes me happy. and i love the rainy weather.

    glad youre happy. (:


  2. woot! Glad you're feelin good ^.^ Great exercise! I am happy when I don't eat too, right now I'm hungry and commenting/reading blogs to resist xD I'm pretty happy!

  3. You did so good!!

    I feel ok, thanks for asking :)

    And no, I don't live in Italy, although I wish I did! I live in England though - so I am from Europe! :) xxx


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