Friday, November 12, 2010

"Don't Be an Almos..."

I saw this quote in a certain building yesterday. Notice the "t" in "almost" is missing, if you haven't yet.
I freaking love it.
It's funny how I can find "normal people" quotes and apply them to my own problems... ;P

So, part of my plan to get back on track today is to start the full Lemon Cleanse again, but I'm so serious about it now.
- I've been listening only to strong powerful music :)
- This quote keeps repeating itself over and over again in my head every time I think about food
- I wanna be beautiful for my bf again
- I am doing this for a spiritual purpose, or at least pretending to. Yeah, I don't really know what that means either. LOL

...point is, THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL!
*** Also, there's a huge charity event going on in my city, and I promised myself I would donate $1 for every kilogram lost of weight that I gained back recently, $2 for each kilogram of extra weight!! :D obviously as you can tell this charity, as everything else, means a lot to me.

Today I'm also gonna go buy some laxies again :)
And haha I bought myself a cool new colorful water bottle to keep myself ultra-hydrated all the time! Yay.

What do my lovelies think?? (that's you... ;] )


P.S.: Isla Lynn is awesome, just thought I'd put it out there.
I love every single blog I'm reading!


  1. What laxatives do you buy and do they actually work!? I have tried almost everything under the sun and nothing works... the amount of money that i have used on pills would probably add up to about $1,000

    I love your ideas I think that they are all fantastic!
    Lets get skinny together!

  2. Ahahaha. Don't be an almos... that made me giggle xD

    Coloured water bottles make hydration fun. And shit. xD Good plan with the charity and stuff too!

    Can't wait for the tea party! Looking forward to seeing you there, Miss Miana ^^

    Much love <3

  3. Aww, I want a colorful new water bottle.
    Buying things (no matter what it is, really) usually helps lift my mood. Especially when the things I'm buying are skinny clothes. <3

    Soon, my dear, soon. :)

  4. Great outlook! That quote is awesome!

    I want a new water bottle, too. I just misplaced a key piece of my old one, and now it spills every where.

    At first when I read the title of this post I kind of thought that the last word was in like Latin or something hahaha... nerdy me, I know lol

    Good luck in your endeavors, darling!

  5. Oh I love that quote!
    thanks so much for sharing :)
    good luck with the cleanse, I'm sure you will do great this time

  6. <3 I love you, sweetheart! And that new rainbow water bottle sounds amazing. I love getting new things like that, it completely brightens my day.

    Miss you, xxoxo.


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