Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who likes to start over...:)

I am
I am so
I am so fat

I know it, even people around me know it. I've gained weight.
So much weight.............this evil fat is swallowing me.

MIANA Put that knife down. Put it down! And I do.

I'm starting over.
I died my hair black (my natural hair color) as it was bleached blonde before. ~FRESH START!~
And my parents are mad at me for it...I really don't give a shizz, I think they just liked my unnatural blonde hair so that they could have an "excuse" to make fun of my stupidity. Hah.

Oh gosh, it is so cold here. I wish I could go visit my fellow Ana bloggers in Australia XD

How are you starting over? Or is what you're doing working for you? Do tell!



  1. im starting over because i want to be healthier, i want to get rid of my fat and beautiful inside and out. and my intestines deserve a treat too. rather than fatty foods ill have lovely graans and reds and such. yayy.

    good luck with your new start <3

  2. thanks sofia!! beautiful name :)

  3. im starting over because ive been sort of plateaued for waaayyy too long.
    and now, im breaking out of the 150s finally, and i would love to secure my place in the 40s until i get lower and lower and lowerrrrrr
    i lost 65 pounds in a year and a half.
    which is good, but my journey does NOT end there!

  4. omg ^heather[hunger]^ that is amazing! i know it sounds crazy, but i wish i could do the same :/
    even though that would make me emaciated...just the way i like it ;)

  5. I am starting over, new drugs make it hard to control my eating but I am finding ways to live for me. I have stocked my fridge with carrots and apples and plan to play in the snow everyday. <3

  6. :) awesome! sounds enjoyable enough.
    good luck everyone! :)


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