Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TO: lovelybones

Smile, hun.

BTW, guys, I am indeed followig your advice and not starting the lemon cleanse just yet...
Sorry to all of you who wanted to start it with me, I apologize for disappointing you.
My body is just not ready for it yet.
I only went to two classes today, and my friends kept commenting on how pale and grey I looked...thanks.
Plus, my body is already dropping pounds like crazy because of the sickness. Yuck. This should be a good thing....
Lol, TTYL, my skinnies, good luck with everything!


  1. I'm glad you're putting it off a bit =] Hope you feel better soon <3 And thank you for the "technological success" congratulations XD

  2. btw thanks for your comment:) i don't know which college yet- i've sent off my application and it gets sent to about 19 colleges involved with the scholarship in georgia and i get to go to whichever one accepts me!! xxxxx

  3. The most important thing is that you feel better first, love.
    I'm glad you're still losing pounds with out the fast. Being sick kinda has its perks...I guess :D

  4. i love you guys tooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    :) :) :)

  5. I saw you always comment on me and say such sweeeeeet things! So now I'm commenting back and, guess what? That new follower is ME.


    And good luck in the fast! (You're doing it right?)


  6. AWH THANK YOU. I just saw you dedicated that to me. I want those skinny little legs, gah. And thanks for being so supportive all of the time. The kind words of all you girls make is so much easier. Sorry to be such a downer lately!

    Good on the weight dropping, bad on the sick! FEEL BETTER ASAP LOVE.

  7. If you want to, just tell me when you'll do the cleanse, I'll join you lickety split!


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