Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sooooo...I've been sick lately.

But I hate complaining.

A cold has been going around, plus I've been a bit weaker lately :P

Yesterday my body was screaming "hungryyy!!!" and I blamed it mostly on being sick. I did eat a lot, and I mean a lot for anyone. I purged afterwards. Man did that feel like crap.

But, I'm all better today :) I only ate:

- a teaspoon of flaxseeds with a drop of honey

- a diet pepsi

- half of a tiny, tiny cup of rice (I threw half away!)

- half of a small peach

The day's nowhere near over yet, but I feel confident. I'm going to exercise later.

Today I was still feeling kinda sick, so I "half-pretended" to still be ill so I could stay home from school as I did yesterday - I mostly lied to myself. I pretty much spent the whole day reading Ana blogs, thinking about how I probably should have been doing homework instead...

And among these blogs I found this post, which I commented on:


Tomorrow I am starting the "lemon cleanse" diet with user poisonivie.

I know, it's probably not good to start it now that I'm still recovering, but I think I'll be fine...I'll get lots of Vitamin C, lose the few pounds I just gained, plus I want to coincide with poisonivie.

Anyone else wanna?

You can find more details about the lemon cleanse just by Google searching it.

Love you all!



  1. Eeek, careful! Is there no way you can put it off just another day to let your body rest up a bit? Doing the lemon cleanse thing after being ill will probably be very not good for you =\ Chances are it'll make your body go "HELL NO" and basically shut itself off a bit...

  2. Thanks dear :)
    But I've already been feeling better today, and I'm easing into it.
    But thanks for the concern, guys!

  3. oh stay safe you dont want to push your body when its sick. stay safe, your always in my thoughts.

    lots of love S xoxo

  4. babe i'm starting git NEXT Wednesday.
    and seriously i advise you to wait until you are completely recovered.

    you should email me. poison.ivie17@yahoo.com

  5. Good luck with the cleanse!! <33
    Just be careful ;D
    I think I'll join in on the lemon cleanse for two days may be. (I never got my self to do more than that):/

  6. I love your thinspo picture, i dont know what it is about it but its powerful for me. I was just sick too! Be careful that the cleanse doesnt put you back to where you started and you get sick! goodluck and keep us updated on the progress.


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