Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thank you sooooo much to all who supprted and have no idea how much you guys all mean to me!!

User Goal_Thin is so thoughtful...see her latest post:

She dedicated her thinspo to me :P so here's some in return:

Some of you were interested in knowing what I meant when I said that I have decidd my future career goals.
I want to study Biochemistry in my home country (sorry I can't declare it...just want to keep some privacy) but I am contemplating taking about a year off that way I can be on the same level as kids my age, including many old friends - because they have an extra year of school before they can go on. I don't like the thought of being ahead so much. Lol :P was going pretty great! No one forced me to eat, and no one noticed how I was eating virtually nothing! Yay!
I like to have some sort of breakfast, though, because I believe that jump starts my metabolism. This morning I had about 55 calories in healthy healthy yogurt, and of course loads and loads of coffee, my best friend (about 4 calories). Haha
then for "lunch" I had ONE grape (2 cals)..hahahah
Later I was getting severely lightheaded from running around all day long, so I had about 22 calories in yogurt...then I had half a slice of cheese (40 cals)for the same reason...I was kinda scared because I almost collapsed in a public place today, with all my friends within sight!! That was almost really bad........
Tota caloric intake: around 123. WIN.
But now I'm feeling fine, don't worry ;-) I had some tea and now I even feel like exercising a little bit!
Again, thanks to all the bloggers who left nice comments! I wish I could thank you all personally but I must go!


  1. 123 calories!!! That is effin awesome girl!! ;D
    Just be careful, don't you dare collapse on us :D
    Stay strong sweetie <3333

  2. ooo thank you i love you hehe :) well done on the intake- watch out for low-cal yog's though, they often have lots of sugar in them! xxxx

  3. thanks guys!
    dont worry Goal_Thin, I always make sure that the yogurt I buy is natural as well as low cal and tasty :D


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