Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bracelet 2

Here are both of them. I thought the red one was going to be far more complicated and pretty, bt in the end I just decided to leave it as is...I like it, anyways.
Ugh, what a stressful day. I felt kind of despressed about not losing any weight, so I decided to just surf a bunch of blogs like mine instead of doing the work I was supposed to, haha.
True ANAs shouldn't be procrastinators! Lol.
Man, I really wish I had more followers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not desperate for attention or anything, and I love the ones who are already following (especially Lovelybones and Goal_Thin ...they are so nice and supportive). It's just that I have this thing where I get severe anxiety in times of loneliness..and this has gotten worse since I moved to this desolate place.
Oh, well, enough random venting.
-ate 85 cals in yogurt with 40 cals granola and tons of coffee
-my mum made me eat lunch so I ate a small small bowl of soup she made and like 4 pieces of vegetable stir fry from yesterday
-right after that, I went to purge it all out in secret
-a couple hours ago, my parents took me to this random Church picnic (as if I even attend Church) where I sadly gave in to: like ten pieces of pasta from a salad; a small cub of flan; like, half of a Mexican apple fritter thingy
-I intensely searched for a bathroom in the park, I found this somewhat dirty, dark one, and tried extremely hard to purge again.
I hate purging. I really do.
But I am just so weak that I give in to crap like fatty food. Luckily, I hate binging more than purging.
I was only able to get about half the food I had just eaten out of my system...
Sorry for the TMI!
Love you, skinnies.


  1. Hi, I think your bracelets are kind of cool, cheers Marie

  2. Get more followers by following more blogs and commenting on them consistently, i think people will follow yours then, too :) stay strong xxxxx

  3. Your braclets are very cute! And they seem like a great distraction from what's waiting in the kitchen or just outside your door step.

    Keep up the hard work, beautiful girl!


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