Saturday, September 18, 2010


I really tried to keep myself from posting twice today, but I really felt like I needed to.

How the day went:
By 4 pm, I had eaten about 350 calories worth of mostly-liquid food.
Then, I went to the gym, but after only 25 minutes, my mum came to tell me we were going to someone's house for her birthday. Great. Only burnt 215 calories.
Win: at this person's house the had fatty fatty chocolate cake and fatty fatty ice cream - I didn't touch either! I felt so good afterward. Fail: my mum was hungry for real food, so we all went to eat Chinese. Yuck. I didn't want them to be suspicious, so I ordered four spring rolls...I ate three and brought one home. I kinda picked at my mum's vegetable stir-fry :(
So, when I got home, I purged it all out........well most of it anyways.

Now I'm munching on some flax seeds mixed with granola, just 'cause I know it'll keep me full and settle my stomach.

I feel like crap but I also feel like it could've been a lot worse!
Plus, I'm gonna do some aerobics before bed...

Hey I just read an article of awesomeness:

Good luck to all.


  1. eee thanks for the tips darlin'! I've managed to figure out about the following- it didn't have my pic or anything cause of some bullshit friend-finder but i've sorted it ;) i hate it when gym sessions are cut short!! stay strong :) xxxxx

  2. chinese food is my downfall, you had pretty good control so dont beat yourself up too much girl! thanks for the great article! and a short gym session is better than none at all!


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