Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weird Nightly Thoughts and Cool Stuff For You All

Cool thing # 1:
What I wrote in my diary last night
Today was not necessarily a sad day, I'd say it was more of an... interesting day.
It's interesting how I cannot help feeling fat, regardless of what I do or of what I am told.
Right now I see the fat, and what's worse is that I feel the fat, I feel it on me, in all its disgustingness, surrounding my body like a lazy but poisonous animal. I need to get rid of it!
Because there's so much fat surrounding me, I find it harder to run or to do dance stretches, which are vital to my career.
It is really
I want it GONE.
I am not comfortable in my own skin, I don't want to look like this, I don't feel at ease in this body...
I am not who I
want to be,
in any way.
It's gotten so bad that I hardly ever go out anymore if I don't have to.
I'm constantly observed and scrutinized by everyone, and I feel like I should just constantly stay locked up in the house so that I don't put anyone through the torture of having to look at me.
... ...
... ... ...
Today's fast went well...

Cool thing # 2:
This article
What do you think?
Should it be made illegal?
They say it works like Ritalin, I wonder if it makes you skinnier too?
(Disclaimer: I am NOT curious enough about this to try it out. No thanks, I already have enough "issues")

Cool thing # 3:
Sum thinspo!!!

Cool thing # 4:
Kool BLOG list!

Crazy is better when we're crazy together.

My Ways To Skinny

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gonna be skinny, coming?

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  1. I got nervous when you were gone for a few days. I can't explain it. Haha. I just don't want you to poof off the face of the planet again. : (

    I feel the same way about leaving the house. I don't do it unless I have to. Like, I went to the grocery store at 8:30 one nice because I was out of toilet paper... that was a much needed neccessity! I'm always embarrassed in front of everyone. Ugh.

    I'm glad you're not going to try that drug. I think it's best to just stay away from shit like that.

    You are a sweet, beautiful girl. I love you, Miana! <3


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