Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I Took From London and NY Fashion Weeks :)

1. Skinny Is Still IN ;)

2. New trends to try out when I go to Milan:

Tropical prints
Color block dressing

Wet hair
Red lips
Crazy lips
Bold eyebrows
Dramatic eyes
Streaks of color
Wild nails

3. Well some thinspo, of course!
Felder Felder

A fat girl could NEVER wear this...

This is my new desktop background ^.^


  1. I swear skinny will ALWAYS be in~! Whatever's hardest to get to is always in and I can't imagine companys will ever give up making cheap processed foods now that they've started! And make fast food healthy? Then that'd make it more expensive! And no one wants /that/ >.> no, I think thin is going to stay hard to achieve and so stay in for good, at least in developed countries. GO SKNNY FOREEVER <3


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