Monday, December 13, 2010

FIRST Real Girl Thinspo Segment!!

Hi beautifuls!! How've you been?
Well, remember how I promised some thinspo for y'all?
Here it is, GIRL 1:

Well, isn't she beautiful??
Haha, sorry I had to crop the face out or cover it, it's just that this is a REAL GIRL and I know her and want to protect her identity, which is why I also made them black and white (to make them less recognizable...), but it's ok, cause I find black and white to be so flattering and classy :D
This is such an awesome and successful girl, plus she has the best body I have ever seen...her only fault is that she gets really offended or upset if she's told that she looks really skinny or anorexic. Are you kidding me?? I would die...of JOY!! lol I am so jealous of her but don't hate her.
Again, this is a  real girl :) These pics were taken professionally, except for one, and they are NOT photoshopped.
I'm gonna upload pics of REAL GIRL 2 this weekend! And there are a lot of them!

Tell me what you think!!

PS: I'm also gonna try to write a post sometime about how awesome certain people who COMMENT are! If you wanna be among those, please leave me some love down below! Thaaaanks! :)


  1. OMG love the pictures :) so awesome
    I agree with you about black and white photos, it looks classier that way


  2. I love the one in the ballet shoes :) Black and white pictures are some of my favs.

  3. shes gorgeous and i absolutely love black and white photos!!
    i will be looking forward to more!

  4. I love black and white so much. It's great in all lights.
    She's beautiful, amazing legs, so toned!
    I do find the head cropping a bit creepy tho lol xx

  5. her arms and legs are lovely.



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