Monday, December 20, 2010

I am the most vile, worthless

So, sorry for my little fit of depression.
Not that today helped much, especially when your skinnier-than-you mother decides she wants you to bake and that includes you making TWO ethnic recipes.
Aaaaand you find out thaaat.... *drumroll pleaze* you don't have anyone to give the damned cookies away to!


That would be my new (and first) Thinspo video on Youtube. Enjoy!

Gosh girls, I really need some words of encouragement right now. Tomorrow I be doing a cleanse!


  1. You can find it forever at the bottom of this page |||||||

  2. How's the cleanse going? Thanks for the cyber hug, made me laugh. We should all laugh a little more. You should just give out the cookies on the street, bring some joy to other people :)
    Liking the thinspo. What's the song? xxxx

  3. Oh nice vid :) love the pics, I hope your cleanse goes well, I will probably be doing that within the next few days..

  4. hey babe, don't ever be sorry for your posts. that's why we come to each other isn't it? Great video by the way! I'm sorry about your mother. Stay strong xoxo

  5. Loved the vid ;D
    What song is that??
    As for the cookies, I'm so sorry you'r mother put you through this.
    Good luck girl ;) xoxo


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